• Choice For Your Business

    We keep the Cart behind the Horse

    Reward systems should be guided by your business goals

    We provide flexible reward delivery solutions that adapt
    to meet the goals of your business

    You Control It All

    Choose the level and type of branding on your rewards
    See examples >

    Vary the timing and frequency of rewards

    Set different triggers for earning rewards

    Choice For Your Business
  • Choice of

    We Provide Genuine Rewards

    Rewards are only genuine if they give exactly what is wanted

    iChoose's branded cash is the ultimate reward

    We understand the power of Choice in Rewards

    Cardholders choose the reward they want

    They spend it at the store or online (in India)

    It's as flexible as cash to spend!

    Choice of
  • Brand

    Your Reward, Your Brand

    The rewards you give should be all about your brand message

    Your investment in rewards must maximise your brand

    iChoose's branded cards ensure your brand is front and centre
    -- creating the glue between your brand and your customers

    Continuous Brand Impact

    We understand that your brand is your biggest asset

    iChoose keeps your brand in their wallet and front of mind 24/7

    When a reward is received -- they know where it came from
    See examples >

  • Supporting Cardholders

    Balancing Systems and Support

    Keep cardholders connected with online account and transaction records

    Give them personal and online support when needed

    Ensure you are Rewarding Results

    iChoose doesn’t just deliver your rewards – we deliver results

    How? By ensuring a positive and visible brand experience for your cardholders

    We combine that with the most secure delivery systems

    Supporting Cardholders
Our background is strategic marketing and we bring you iChoose with a customer focus in mind. We provide the flexibility, customisation and experience that ensures you achieve your goals and keeps your brand front of mind
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Customer Loyalty

Imagine a cost effective way to increase your customer loyalty! What would it mean to your business if you could retain and increase your revenue from existing customers?

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New Sales Acquisition

Increase sales without adding extra resources. A better way to attract new clients. What if there was a solution that made it easier without the need to increase staff?

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Streamlined Rewards Process

Are your reward programs draining your limited resources? Cut your current rewards administration time with iChoose - one simple upload template from you

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Break free from the constraints of your current rewards program. Give your target audience the ultimate freedom of choice and enhance the impact of your rewards

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Imagine a solution that continually engages your target audience? One that utilises active branding and rewards to create greater loyalty

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Client Applications

Are you looking for incentives for multiple areas of your business? iChoose takes the headache out of choosing a system. It can fit all your goals, drive your programs and engage all audiences

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