Branded Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Incentives Across
Your Entire Business

Many Business Situations

Behavioural change programs are useful throughout your organisation

With your employees, your customers, your prospects, your partners

Your choice of reward needs to work for them all

iChoose:The Flexible Solution

Leverage the experience of the leader in corporate prepaid solutions

Our clients are using our cards in wide and varied applications across their organisations

We know how to harness the power of Visa prepaid and make it flexible enough to fit all areas of your business

Branded Cash

Cash Is King

It's value is never in doubt with any audience

Everyone understands it, everyone desires it

No education required!

Branded Cash is better –- it stands out from other normal household income

iChoose: Effective and Memorable

iChoose branded cash is the ultimate reward See examples >

For a customer or an employee; a partner or a prospect

When they spend the value on their iChoose card -– your brand will be front and centre

Cost Effective

Fit Any Budget

More bang for your buck!

Get more reward value in the hands of your target audience

A rewards solution that adapts to meet your budget

Meet your goals without breaking the bank!

iChoose: Choice of Features = Choice of Budget

Wide options available:

  • Generic
  • Co-Branded
  • Fully Branded
  • Single Load Gift Cards
  • Reloadable Cards

No matter your budget, iChoose has options for you

Brand Across Your Business

Keep Your Brand Front And Centre

Whether you're rewarding partners for achieving targets or employees for performance

Your brand needs to be there when the reward is delivered and used

A highly branded rewards tool can create momentum across your entire business

iChoose: Cash Powered By Branding

The iChoose card delivers brand exposure simply and repeatedly with all your key recipients

It keeps your brand visible across your entire business

Fits With Any Goal

It's About Your Goal, Not The Reward

Should your reward affect the direction of your incentive programs?

Absolutely not -- rewards should fulfil the objective of your incentive programs

Keep your incentive programs unbiased with the power of branded cash!

iChoose: Unbiased Rewards Delivery

iChoose card is the ultimate reward -– universally applicable and valued by all

No other reward can offer you the reward potential of Visa prepaid. It can be spent in stores, restaurants, hotels, on concerts and sports event tickets, overseas experiences and travel!

Bring it's power to choose all your business rewards programs

Want One Reward System For All Your Applications?

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