Corporate Visa Prepaid Gift Cards Advantages

Ultimate Reward

Cash is King

Cash has an amazing ability to change behaviour

But cash delivered the wrong way (into a bank account) won’t be remembered, has no impact

Regular cash is not the most effective way to reward - Branded Cash is!
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Branded Cash

Branded Cash is severable; it is separate from household income

Unlike cash, your brand is front of mind every time the card is used

It still gives the recipient the ultimate flexibility to choose their purchase, making your reward more valuable and effective

iChoose: The Value of Cash and The Branding Power of Visa

Application Choices

Compatible With Any Rewards Program

Like cash iChoose has the flexibility to fit any reward program

It’s appreciated by all your possible audiences

Plus it adapts to meet your branding and distribution needs

More Choices For Different Situations

You choose what fits your program best

Choose a Generic iChoose or fully branded card, single load gift or reloadable

Plus only you control the value load

iChoose: The right tool to fulfil all your incentive programs

It’s Your Brand

Promote Your Brand Not Others

Why dilute your rewards benefit by giving out gift cards or vouchers promoting other companies and brands?

Make your brand the feature of your reward See examples >

Branding Value

Every time they use your reward -- they remember your company

With an iChoose Visa prepaid card you can get multiple brand impressions with the one card

iChoose: Puts your brand front and centre

Corporate Prepaid Leaders

Marketing Based

iChoose was born from incentive and loyalty programs

That marketing heritage evolved iChoose into a more flexible product and a specialist tool for incentive and reward programs of all kinds

More Corporate Prepaid Cards

We are the largest provider in the Asia Pacific Region! Corporate loaded prepaid cards are available in Indian Rupee, Singapore, Australian and New Zealand dollars

Our experience has allowed us to refine and tailor our card features to better suit clients' needs

iChoose: Born from Marketing and Leading the Market

Product Options

Your Choice of Platform

Reloadable cards for ongoing rewards to the same recipients or

Single Load Gift for one-off effective rewards

Fits Your Budget

iChoose allows you to balance your branding goals with your budget

Two branding options are available:


Generic Prepaid Gift Card

Fully Branded

Fully Branded Corporate prepaid Card
iChoose: Flexible, Effective, Brandable, Affordable


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