Customer Loyalty Programs and Loyalty cards

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of Possibilities


Customers Kept Closer

Keeping your customers can be a challenge

Your brand and it's values are a powerful tool to ensure customer loyalty and engagement

You need brand driving tools that support your initiatives to retain and grow your customer base


Delivering Rewards That Deliver Loyalty

We place your brand in your reward programs to drive repeat sales

Our reward delivery experiences are seamless

You get efficient fulfillment of your rewards program

We support your company and your cardholders

Drive Loyalty With Brand

Expand Your Marketing Mix

Strengthen your loyalty marketing with branding elements

Keep your brand front and centre

iChoose Delivers Active Branding

A billboard in every customers' wallet – Branded Cash

It’s the active branding tool that your customers want!

Front of mind when it's kept in their wallet! See examples >

Ultimate Loyalty Reward

Rewards That Integrate with Marketing

The ideal reward solution will ‘link’ in with your marketing/sales strategies

iChoose prepaid cards: Easy to use and a timely reward for a change in behaviour

Rewards that will increase your share of wallet

iChoose: Your Loyalty Partner

A partner who understands that your customers are the key

Experienced and customer focused

Delivering a reward experience which is seamless and successful for you and your target audience

Flexible Rewards

Tailored to Goals and Audiences

iChoose reward options will suit a wide range of sales and marketing initiatives

Flexibility combined with expertise on different applications ensures measurable results

iChoose Provides You Flexibility and Expertise For:


Above the line promotions

Below the line incentive and rewards program

Varying reload values and timing

Timeliness of reward

Ongoing Loyalty Efforts

Engagement for Loyalty

Long term loyalty is better built by ongoing programs

Don’t let the challenge of ongoing rewards delivery block the ideal program

iChoose Reloadable Cards: Easy Ongoing Rewards

Send them one Visa card but deliver multiple rewards

Send us a spreadsheet each time you want to send a reward

Fit your rewards delivery timing to your business needs

Precisely match rewards to behaviour change

See the effect of timely rewards on customer loyalty

Take Your Customer Loyalty Programs To the Next Level

Get iChoose Customer Loyalty card