Efficient Employee Rewards Systems & Cost Effective Rewards Programs



Efficient Reward Systems

Time is best spent on designing and driving incentive programs NOT on delivering rewards

Avoid common traps of rewards:

Administration Time

Lack of Support Systems

Poor ROI versus Cost

Lack of Adaptability

Lack of Continuity


We Know What Works

Our experience means we bring you a well supported and easy to administer rewards system

All The Things That Save You Time:

Easy Customization

Full Service Branding Options

Options to Fit All Budgets

Fully Supported

Advanced Back-end System

Easy Administration

Keep Your Rewards Rewarding

Program design decisions can dramatically change your administration time and cost

Look for simplified processes: Load, Deliver, Support

Keep staff time focused on the customer not administration

iChoose: Designed For Efficiency

Simple value load process

Timely and secure delivery of rewards

Secure direct delivery to cardholders, no more lost store cards

One simple upload template and you are done!

High Degree of Support

iChoose Gives Your Reward Recipients The Service They Deserve

Real-time Help Desk / Personal Account Manager / Call Centre Support

Process Visibility via Online access to “My Account”

Visa Affiliation for Transaction Issues

With iChoose You Get The Support Needed To Deliver Rewards

Full Service At Setup Phase

Support at Reward Delivery

Dedicated Account Manager

Cost Effective

Different Programs, Different Budgets

Every reward application has a unique ROI model

To match your ROI model iChoose provides a simple and manageable cost structure

Multiple card options are available including generic / co-branded / fully branded options with single load or reloadable choices See examples >

iChoose: Designed For Efficiency

Effective pricing for variable quantities of cards

Multiple branding options for different budget situations

Choice of single load and reloadable cards

Solutions can be tailored to meet program goals within your budget
See examples >


Multiple Problems, Multiple Applications

Effective for customers, suppliers and staff

Extend to competitions and promotions

Don’t waste valuable staff time on administration and reward fulfilment

iChoose: The Flexible Rewards System

Suitable to supporting a wide range of business goals

Flexible for budget, program length and target audiences

Single source, full service, highly supported

Makes rewards delivery simple so your time is free for program optimization

Simplify Your Fulfilment With Our Reward Cards

Employee Rewards Systems