Visa Prepaid Rewards Card & Program

Your Need
& Our Expertise

The Ideal Rewards Vehicle

The most effective rewards give recipients exactly what they want

Whether it be in stores, restaurants, concerts or sports tickets, hotels, overseas travel, online purchases

The Ultimate Reward = Choice

  • To Buy What They Want
  • To Spend When They Want
  • To Shop Where They Want

Expertise in Delivering Choice

Our experience in rewards programs tells us that CHOICE is a key to engage recipients

Our position as industry leader allows us to give:

Greater ability for the cardholder to Plan and Track Their Spending

More ways they can spend the reward

Better ability to Plan and Track The Spending

Choice of What

Give Them The Ability To Buy What They Want

Reward them with what they want the most

Get the full value that was invested

Avoid the trap of reward wastage

With iChoose, You Give Your Recipients What They Want

Little things or big things

Necessities or indulgence

Powered by Visa so it can be spent globally

In retail stores, online, at restaurants, on tickets for concerts and sports events, hotels, flights and on overseas trips and holidays!

They Choose! with iChoose

Choice of Where

Give Them The Ability To Shop Where They Want

Forcing cardholders to shop at one store limits their sense of reward

They may not find what they want or even worse, forget they have the reward

The last thing you need is your unused or under-valued reward vouchers putting your reward money into the pocket of others

iChoose Lets Them Spend At Their Favourite Places – here or overseas!

Total flexibility with acceptance at 24 million merchants worldwide -- online and in-stores

They can buy anything they had their eyes on

Choice of When

Different People, Different Spending Habits

The ideal reward is readily available -- the moment they feel the
urge to spend it

All at once or over time

With iChoose, They Spend On Their Schedule

Like any Visa card, it can be used on small or large purchases

Spend it right away or save it up for a special day

iChoose gives them the choice of When

The Tools Of Choice

The Benefit of Online Account Access and Cardholder Support

Visibility via online access to transactions and balance

The most up-to-date store acceptance information

iChoose Cardholders Get 24/7 Online Access and Telephone Support

Online card activation

Online transactions and balance reporting

Telephone support for cardholders

Give Them The Reward of Choice

Get iChoose Prepaid Rewards Program