Reloadable Prepaid Cards & Programs

The Power of
Reloadable Prepaid

Timing is Everything

Timely reward delivery is key for behavioural change

Ongoing reward programs often require multiple reward payments

The ideal reward allows easy and secure delivery according to your time schedule - without inconvenience to you or the cardholder

The Reloadable Card From iChoose

iChoose clients include some of the largest corporates in the Asia Pacific region

The result: iChoose brings industry leading experience with ongoing rewards delivery

iChoose brings the benefits of convenience and efficiency to reloadable prepaid cards


Get The Reward To Them Fast

Rewards are a powerful tool in behaviour change programs

Effectiveness is highest when it directly follows the behaviour change

Timeliness of reward delivery is proportional to your desired continuous engagement

Instant Delivery with iChoose Reloadable

For your ongoing rewards program

Instantly loaded and instantly received

Get the timeliest rewards system from iChoose

Frequent Rewards

Make It Easy to Reward Often

Some behaviour can be shifted in a day but most are influenced over time

A reward should support your desired changes in your target audiences, even if it means little rewards are delivered on a frequent basis

Without the right rewards system, frequent and timely rewards are difficult to administer

iChoose Reloadable Cards: Perfect For Frequent Rewards

Our reloadable product makes frequent loads a "snap"

You'll feel empowered to design the right rewards program which is memorable and timely

Loading is quick & easy and funds are immediately available

Ease of Process

Not all reward delivery systems are the same

Some are labour intensive involving manual forms

They may rely on antiquated mail delivery processes

The ideal one is automated and quick

The difference is in administration (staff) time

And convenience of replacement if lost or stolen!

iChoose Gives You The Best of the Best

Visa prepaid is a fully automated solution

It gives you real time rewards delivery

Just one spreadsheet from you and we take care of the rest

It's time to experience the right way to deliver rewards


Knowing What Works In Reloadable Cards

Built from our experience in managing incentive programs

The key is understanding the essence of these programs

And how they use rewards to change behaviour

iChoose is the leader in corporate prepaid

Our parent company is one of the Asia Pacific's largest incentive practitioners

Across the Asia Pacific region we have delivered the most prepaid programs. We know what you need from a reloadable rewards card

Experience the Power of Reloadable

Get iChoose Reloadable Prepaid Card Program