Sales Acquisition with best reward cards

Rewards As Sales


Sales Acceleration

Use positive brand placement to make it hard for prospects to ignore your brand

One ideal placement option

An active branded rewards delivery system

Use visibility to harness the power of your brand to drive new sales


Rewards To Close New Sales

Our speciality is creating seamless reward delivery experiences that drive sales

How? By using branded cash, iChoose extends your branding into your sales reward programs

We also bring additional add-on capabilities: like reloadable cards that extend the range and effect of your rewards

Ultimate flexibility!

Strategies For New Business

Support At A Key Phase of Sales Cycle

It's about driving outcomes in business acquisition activities

Brilliant sales efforts can fail at the last stage

Despite there being a strong need and quality offering, often more is needed at the final phase to drive a positive decision

Seek out tools which "seal the deal" by providing compelling offers which deliver additional value to prospects

iChoose: Driving Closes With Compelling Rewards

We are your partner in this critical final phase of the sales cycle

Use our expertise in creating compelling and valued rewards that fit your sales process perfectly

Be assured of higher conversion rates with iChoose in your tool kit!

Drive Brand & Sell Product

Tactical Branding At Critical Phases

Your broader branding efforts deliver visibility and lead generation

Pair this with more tactical branding using iChoose

A branded rewards program with high perceived value will create momentum in critical phases of the sales cycle

It’s essential that the actual reward be widely understood and valued

iChoose Extends Your Brand Value Deep into the Sales Cycle

With iChoose you avoid over-used rewards that don’t enhance your brand

iChoose delivers a reward which will drive interest in your brand and provide strong returns to any sales strategy

Defend your price point with an attractive call to action –- branded cash See examples >

Behaviour Shift

More Than Marketing Collateral

Some sales require a deeper shift in behaviour

A more compelling offer will inspire more new customers to shift to your brand

A rewards program can be used at the early, middle or late stages of the sales process – wherever a behaviour shift is needed

Implementing an incentive program which can work at any phase of the sales cycle where a behaviour shift is needed

iChoose: Adaptable Across the Sales Cycle

The iChoose rewards system can help any part of your sales cycle

Take advantage of the broad appeal of cash rewards and the brandability of prepaid

iChoose empowers you to use rewards to support the most difficult sales

Instant Impact

Sometimes Quick Is What You Need

Not all rewards are built the same

Time intensive and difficult to deliver rewards eliminate the option of rapid reward delivery

You need a tool that is as agile as your sales process and delivers instant impact to your prospects

iChoose: The Instant Impact of Branded Cash

The iChoose Single Load Gift Card gives you the ability to respond quickly to sales requirements

Avoid the diminished value of delayed rewards -– let iChoose bring agility to your incentive programs

You’ll see the power of Rapid Delivery & Instant Impact!

Give The Reward That's Made For Sales

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